The kinds of problems we solve

  • Repurposing existing assets

    Our Client needed a new barricade wall that cost around $50,000. S3 inventoried the client’s facility and discovered 3 partial and dismantled barricade walls. For only $5,000 these walls were reconditioned and modified to completely meet the required specifications. The Client was very pleased with the $45,000 savings.

  • Improved quality management

    S3 was hired by a company that had been put on a “Non-approved Supplier List” by their customer. The company hired S3 to assist them in implementing a quality management system that was compliant to ISO 9001. The company was later audited by their prior customer which resulted in the company being moved to the “Approved Supplier List.” The next year, this company was runner-up for their customer’s “Supplier of the Year” award.

  • Stamping out quality issues

    A machine shop housed a press that was used to stamp parts for one automotive customer. The machine shop hired S3 to implement an ISO9001 Quality Management System with the scope identified as the stamping process and its supporting processes. After nine weeks of working with S3, the stamping process received ISO 9001 Certification by Eagle Registration. The entire job was trouble-free and very affordable.


Industries We Solve Problems For

  • Automotive
  • Munitions
  • Fabrication
  • Processing
  • Academics

Improve efficiency. And your bottom line.

S3 is a team of professionals representing a wide range of industries. Our business is solving problems our clients may face; problems which could impede their company’s growth, success and bottom line.

Let us solve your problem!

Finding a solution

At Standardized Systems Solutions, we specialize in providing experience, research, and training for our clients to address issues such as inefficiencies, not meeting quotas or deadlines, preparing for new processes, and much more.

Our team is highly skilled and motivated to tackle any problem you may throw at us. We will work relentlessly to ensure that your problem doesn't just get addressed, but transforms into one of your company's strengths.

Just some of our competencies:

  • Systems Implementation: Quality, Business, Environmental
  • Internal Auditing
  • Sorting/Screening products
  • Training workshops
  • Coaching
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Rework Services
  • Engineering
  • Contract Labor – Engineering and Management

What our clients are saying

More testimonials

“First of all I would like to thank you for your work putting together our ISO documentation! You did a great job & I appreciate your understanding on how we...did not want to make things difficult or create a labor intensive system that we would struggle to keep up with. I look forward to working with you in the future.” President, Cross Machine Tool Company

Companies we've helped